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Local Organizing and Technical Program Committees

IEEE PES 2012 General Meeting Local Organizing Committee
Chair Nick Abi-Samra
Vice Chair Bill Torre
Technical Program Chair Nick Abi-Samra

Companion Tour Coordinator

Alma Zaragoza

 .  .
Companion Room Activities Leader Karen Torre
Financial Support Coordinator Kay Stefferud
Host Utility Volunteer Coordination Bill Torre and Alma Zaragoza
Focus Group Coordinator Brenda Etzel
Members at Large Tony Spurgin, Upkar Dhaliwal, Thomas Santrach, Daniel Zaragoza, Linda Brown
Plenary Session Chair Nick Abi-Samra
Special Events Manager Denise Furlong
Student Volunteers Leader Farrah Pirahanchi
Technical Committee Dave Hawkins, Mike Davis and Bill Torre
Technical Liaison to Super Sessions Leader Hassan Ghoudjehbaklou
Technical Liaison to Tutorials John Barnick
Technical Tours Coordinator Jerry Melcher
Treasurer Steve Smiley
Volunteer Captain Chris Carter
Webmasters Steven Matarazzo, Wilson Seto
 .  .
Meeting Management Catherine Paull
Meeting Marketing and Promotion Barry LeCerf
2012 GM PES Executive Office Staff Susan Sacks
2012 GM PES Executive Office Staff Shanon Nason
2012 GM PES Executive Office Staff Maria Proetto
2012 GM PES Executive Office Staff Steven Matarazzo
PES General Meeting Steering Committee Chair Paula Traynor

Technical Sessions Committee
. .
Technical Session Committee Chairperson Jeffery Nelson
GM 2012 Technical Program Chair Nick Abi-Samra
Electric Machinery Mike Sedlak
Emerging Technologies Coordinating Branislav Djokic
Energy Development and Power Generation Bartosz Wojszczyk
Insulated Conductors John Smith III
Intelligent Grid Coordinating Steve Pullins, Doug Houseman
Marine Systems Coordinating Herbert Ginn
Nuclear Power Engineering Satish Aggarwal
Power & Energy Education Anil Pahwa
Power System Analysis, Computing, and Economics Dagmar Niebur
Power System Communications Dan Nordell
Power System Dynamic Performance Anie Philip
Power System Instrumentation and Measurements Farnoosh Rahmatian
Power System Operations Antonio Conejo
Power System Planning and Implementation Anil Pahwa
Power System Relaying Roger Hedding
Stationary Battery Bill Cantor, Leslie Varga
Substations Mike Dood
Surge Protective Devices Ronald Hotchkiss
Switchgear Steven Meiners
Transformers Bill Chiu
Transmission and Distribution Daniel Sabin
Wind Power Coordinating David Jacobson