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Super Sessions

Super Session information and descriptions are listed below. Additional information will be added as it becomes available.

Super Session 1: Opportunities and Challenges of Integrating Wind, Solar and other Distributed Generation & Energy Storage
Wednesday - July 25th, 2012. 8:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Effects on and values for the grid
Borrego Springs Microgrid Project
Trends in tariffs, market and ancillary services
Distributed energy resources grid integration performance requirements and emerging standards: IEEE Smart Grid Series of Standards –IEEE 2030 and IEEE 1547
Modeling, and stochastic planning and operating methods for renewable generation
Cascading trip-off mechanism of doubly-fed induction generators with no low-voltage

Titles & Presenters for Super Session 1:

- The Value of Renewable Integration - Vic Romero
- Effects on and values for the grid - Abdel-Aty Edris
- Borrego Springs Microgrid Project - Neal Bartek
- Integration of DER: Trends in tariffs, markets and ancillary services - Ivana Kockar, Marija Ilic
- Distributed energy resources grid integration performance requirements and emerging standards - Thomas Basso
- Modeling, and stochastic planning and operating methods for renewable generation - Joshua Hambrick
- Cascading trip-off mechanism of doubly-fed induction generators with no low-voltage - Gang Mu

Super Session 2: Smart Grids and Electric Vehicles
Tuesday - July 24th, 2012. 1:00 PM - 5:00 PM







Advances in architectures and technologiesDeployments and field trials: lessons learnt
Advances in Smart Grid management: EMS, DMS, OMS, enterprise information platforms
Standardization, interoperability, regulation and coexistence
Distribution automation and smart substations
Improvements in power system efficiency and performance, including demand response
Electric Vehicles charging and impacts on the grid

Titles & Presenters for Super Session 2:

- Effective integration of electric transportation with the American grid - Michael Montoya
- Integrating PEV into Grid Operations and Planning - Edwin Liu
- Localized Impacts of Electric Vehicles on the Distribution Network - Saifur Rahman
- PHI's Plans for Plug-in Vehicle and Charger Readiness - Rob Stewart
- PEV Readiness Efforts at SCE - Ed Kjaer
- The Role of Smart Grid in Preparing SDG&E for PEV Integration - Thomas Bialek

Super Session 3: Innovations in Communications for Power Systems
Thursday - July 26th, 2012. Part 1 - 8:00 AM - 12:00 PM & Part 2 - 1:00 PM - 5:00 PM

Communications, computing and control technologies, solutions and standards
Transfer of data and control from/to/among field units
System architecture and cyber security and privacy
Recent Wide-Area Monitoring, Control and Protection deployments

Titles & Presenters for Super Session 3:

- Utility Communications Network Panning and Optimization - David Boroughs
- Architecture and Security of Information and Communication Systems for Monitoring and Control of Power Grids - Chen-Ching Liu
- Testing the next generation smart grid node - Duke Energy
- Communications – a mission critical enabler for the smart distribution network - Wim D'Hondt
- SCE communication architecture, strategy, and roadmap - Howard Liu
- Implementation and Experiences of Wide-area HVDC and Generator Damping Control in China Southern Power Grid - Prof. Lu Chao
- Hierarchical two-level voltage controller for Southern California Edison - Devers substation controller - Prof. Mani V. Venkatasubramanian
- Application of phasor measurements for dynamic security assessment using decision trees - Prof. Vijay Vittal
- BC Hydro Approach to Integration of Phasor Measurements in EMS State Estimator - Dr. Djordje Atanackovic, Jose Clapauch
- Use of Synchronized Phasor Measurements for Dynamic Stability Monitoring and Model Validation in ERCOT - Dr. Jian Chen, Dr. Sarma
- Enhanced Power Grid Operations with a Wide-Area Synchrophasor Measurement and Communications Network - Dr Jay Giri
- Ethernet Design for Teleprotection and Automation Requires a Return to First Principles to Improve First Response - David Dolezilek
- Logistical Challenges Facing Utilities Deploying Wide Area Command Networks - Corey McClelland
- Selfhealing Solutions For Faults in Distribution Grids - Xu Bingyin
- Advanced analytics and visualization of PMU data - Chuck Wells

Super Session 4: Nuclear Power
Tuesday - July 24th, 2012. 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Latest designs and advances in technology
Digital Instrumentation & Control Systems
Human Factors
Harmonization of nuclear safety standards for use worldwide
Lessons learned from the 2011 Japanese earthquake and tsunami
Nuclear plant vulnerabilities (loss of offsite power considerations, voltage sags, etc,)

Titles & Presenters for Super Session 4:

- Nuclear Regulatory Commission Efforts in the Areas of Electrical and Instrumentation and Control resulting from the Fukushima Accident - Steven A. Arndt
- Nuclear Power: The US and the World, this year, 5 years, 50 years and 500 years - Andrew Cook
- Instrument and Control Develpoment - David A. Howell
- EPRI Research Efforts - Ken Canavan
- IEEE NPEC, Nuclear Safety Standards Activites:- A Status Report - Satish Aggarwal
- Impact of Fukushima and Blackout on San Onofre - Tom McCool
- Some Comments on the Significance of Daiichi Accident - Tony Spurgin

Super Session 5: Managing Power Systems Under Changing Conditions
Wednesday - July 25th, 2012. 1:00 PM - 5:00 PM
System reliability and risk management: Effects on system planning, operation, asset management and security
Power systems and extreme weather: Lessons learned, emergency preparedness and recovery
Workforce training for Smart Grid and Asset Management (Academia to OJT)
Compliance (environmental, reliability, regulatory, Renewable Portfolio Standards, etc.)

Titles & Presenters for Super Session 5:

- Managing Power Systems Under Changing Conditions Super Session - Ed Dobrowolski
- System Reliability and Risk Management: Effects on System Planning, Operation, Asset Management, and Security - Mark Lauby
- Texas 2011: Fire and Ice: ERCOT Planning and Operation in Extreme Weather - Kent Saathoff
- Earthquake Effects on SDG&E's 500/230 kV Imperial Valley Substation - Frank Johnson and Karl Iliev
- Today's Utility Workforce in Tomorrow's Smart Grid - Bridging the Growing Gap - Dr. Siri Varadan
- Planning the SRP Transmission System with Dynamic Compliance Influences - Brian Keel


Monday Late Breaking News Sessions



Session 1: Potential Impacts of Geomagnetic Disturbances (GMD) on The Electric Power System
Chair: Mark McVey, Dominion
Monday - July 23rd, 2012. 1:00 - 3:00 PM

The panel will give an overview of the GMD phenomenon from different perspectives, Utility, Manufacture and Regulator. Incite from the diversity of presenters may provide direction on GMD future impacts.

- Emanuel Bernabeu, Dominion - Overview of GMD Phenomena and ways to study the impact on the transmission system. What Operating (Switching) changes can or will be taken (Utility)
- Mark McVey, Dominion, Past IEEE Chair Capacitor Subcommittee - Impacts on Equipment, communications, GPS, capacitor banks, SVC Filters and Blocking Filter Mitigation. (Utility)
- Ramsis Girgis, ABB- Equipment issues transformers, (Major Concern)'s etc. -from the transformers committee, impacts on transformer fleet and new designs. (Manufacturing)
- David Hilt - former NERC VP of Event Analysis, presently VP Quanta Technology - David was at NERC during the Hydro Quebec 1989 Black Out and will detail NERC prospective at the time and comment on analysis to understand the Impacts & Mitigate the Effect. (Regulatory)
- Louis Marti Special Studies & Professional Development Manager Transmission Projects Development Hydro One Networks Inc. To provide comment on current NERC GMD task force report on GMD as well as potential future regulation. Provide insight on the Canadian perspective (Utility)

Also present at the panelist table will be Mark Lauby, Vice President and Director of Reliability Assessment and Performance Analysis of the North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC), who leads the GMD Task Force at NERC.

Session 2: Impact of Significant Grid Changes and Other Factors on Power System Reliability
Monday - July 23rd, 2012. 3:00 - 5:00 PM
Chair: John Paserba, Mitsubishi Electric Power Products Inc., (MEPPI).

The objective of this late breaking news panel session is to cover topics that impact power system reliability within a framework of aging infrastructure, mergers, evolving FERC orders and NERC standards, and retirement of large numbers of old coal plants and role and impact on reliability of gas-turbines.

- Jay Caspary, Director, Transmission Development, Southwest Power Pool (and DOE Office of Electricity Delivery and Energy Reliability): Aging transmission infrastructure – a ticking time bomb or an untapped opportunity?
- Terry Boston, President and CEO, PJM Interconnection: Opportunities and Challenges in the "Golden Age of Gas
- Ken Donohoo, Director, System Planning. Distribution and Transmission, Oncor Electric Delivery Company - Impacts of FERC 754 and NERC TPL standards and equipment specification and purchasing