Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): How to Use the IEEE PES General Meeting App

Navigation and Searching

For iOS devices - iPhone 4 and above
To access all content swipe the screen from right to left to access additional pages of icons and content. If there are no more pages, swiping will have no effect.

Pull your page down from top to bottom to view the global search feature (type in any word or phrase to search for it within the IEEE PES app)

For Android devices - Android 2.4 and above
Tap the contextual menu icon in the top left of your screen to access the content drawer (three stacked lines). Scroll down to see all guide icons and content. Tap any icon to access the content within or touch the icon once more to hide the drawer.

The Android search functionality largely depends on the device's native hardware buttons:

  • For devices that have a hardware "search" button (typically a magnifying glass icon), simply tap this button while in the app to perform a search
  • For devices lacking a "search" button, but containing a "Menu" button, just tap the "Menu" icon to load the contextual menu. Here, select "Search Guide" to perform a search
  • For devices with neither of the above, tap on the contextual menu button on the top right-hand side of the screen (looks like three squares stacked vertically), then tap the "Search Guide" option to do a search

Schedule and Conference tracks

Schedule Navigation
The schedule module will contain all of the sessions for your event sorted by date and start time. To switch between days, tap on the non circled dates at the top of the schedule. The circled date designates the current date.

Tap on any session to get more information or to add the session to your personalized schedule.

Within a session, you may be able to see information about time and location of the sessions; the session may also contain links to other places within the guide, or to external locations on the internet. If a location is tied to a map, you will be able to tap the location name to see more information about where the session is hosted!

Conference Tracks
Go into the "Conference Tracks" folder to find filtered portions of the schedule.


Try tapping around the map -- certain locations are linked to specific sessions and items. If so, you can tap the session or item that pops up to learn more information about the particular event.


The inbox is a one-way communication mechanism from your event organizer to you! During the event, the organizer may send out important updates. Some may appear as "push notifications" and others will only appear when you have the app open. Be sure to enable push notifications for your IEEE PES app, otherwise you may miss out on some crucial news from the event planner.