Instructions for Session Chairs

Dear 2020 IEEE PES Virtual General Meeting Session Chair:

Thank you for agreeing to chair at a session at the 2020 General Meeting. As you can imagine your role is slightly different than in previous years. We understand you have many questions and appreciate your patience as we have developed the virtual program.

To ensure a quality experience for all conference participants - all material for the will be recorded in advance by the authors/panelists and uploaded to the PES General Meeting virtual site (On24). All presentations must be on the PES PPT template and adhere to a specified length. This information was provided to all authors / panelists.

Poster sessions - 5 minutes
Transactions Paper Sessions - 5 minutes
Paper Forums - 5 minutes
Best Paper Sessions - 8-10 minutes
Panel sessions - 15 minutes

We recently held a training session to help prepare session chairs for this upcoming General Meeting. If you missed this session or want to see it once more, please refer to the session recording here.


All Session Chairs need to do the following:

  • Follow up with panelists/authors to ensure that they upload their material
  • Review the presentations for accuracy and quality - can you hear the speaker/are the slides on topic?
  • Arrange presentations in the order they are to be played
  • Manage Questions & Answers from participants. Questions will be emailed to you - please forward to the correct presenter.


For Panel and Super Session Chairs only:

In addition to what is above you will need to

  • Collect a signed consent and release form from each presenter authorizing the material to be placed in the PES Resource Center. Send the signed forms in one complete batch to Maria Proetto - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. The consent & release form is attached.
  • You can record a short 5 minute video (On the PES PPT template) to introduce the panel session and speakers.-For the simulive events (only pertains to the Super Sessions, Members Meeting & Plenary) you will also have to
  • Start the session (playing of the presentations)
  • Monitor Q&A

Thank you for your continued support of the PES General meeting.


Session Chair Language - Virtual Event


Session Chair | Introduction Language:

Hello and welcome to today’s session for 2020 IEEE PES General Meeting. I am your session chair [INSERT NAME], and today’s session is titled [INSERT SESSION TITLE].

Before we get started, I want to go over a few housekeeping items, plus let you know how you can participate in today´s session. The virtual conferencing platform you are connected to has some great engagement widgets you can utilize, so let’s take a minute to review them and familiarize you with the platform.

  • First, is the Media Player. All presentations for today’s session will play inside this media player automatically. You will not need to do anything to watch the presentations today. This media player can be minimized or maximized by you, the attendee.
  • Next, is the File Download. If you wish to view the Online Technical Program, simply click the link found under the File Downloads.
  • If you are looking for specific paper or presentation, indexing will allow you to start at the presentation you wish to see.
  • For Panel Session Chairs Only: Next is the Q&A widget. This is where you can type your questions for the presenters. Simply type in your question, and remember to reference the session and the presenter number to which your question is directed.
  • Finally, is the Chat widget. This Chat is a group chat that attendees can use to talk amongst themselves. This chat is public and we encourage you to utilize it to communicate with other attendees, comment on the presentations you are viewing, and to stay engaged!

Please note all of these widgets can be minimized or maximized as well as moved within the screen.

Introduction of panelists


Session Chair | Closing Remarks:

This concludes today’s session. I want to thank all of our speakers for their time and participation – we appreciate it. Thank you everyone in the audience who tuned in. This session was recorded and will be made available for on-demand playback. Thank you, and have a great rest of the day. We hope you will join us for the rest of the virtual 2020 IEEE PES General Meeting.


Instructions & Responsibilities for Session Chairs

For a full list of your responsibilities as a session chair and instructions on how to perform them, please refer to the document we have provided here.