2021 Student Poster Competition


Graduate Student Poster Contest Winners

1st Place

  • Ahmed Mohamed, Queen's University Belfast
    “The Impact of Different Control Strategies on Residential Battery Degradation”

2nd Place (tie)

  • Kaustav Chatterjee, Penn State University
    “Data Anomaly Detection, Classification, and True Data Recovery in Real time Wide area Monitoring Applications"
  • Waqas ur Rehman, Missouri University of Science and Technology
    “Sizing Energy Storage System for Energy Arbitrage in Extreme Fast Charging Station"

3rd Place

  • Adil Khurram, University of Vermont
    “Low order Dynamic Virtual Battery Model for a fleet of DERs under Packetized Energy Management"


Undergraduate Student Poster Contest Winners

1st Place

  • Forest Atchison, The University of North Carolina at Charlotte
    “Improvement of Load Scheduling Utilizing AMI Measurements”

2nd Place

  • Rosemary Alden, University of Kentucky
    “Artificial Intelligence based Short term Electric Load Forecasts for Experimental Smart Homes including HVAC, EWH, and PV Components”

3rd Place

  • Arturo Perez, The University of Texas at El Paso
    “Machine Learning Applications for Photovoltaic Power Forecasting”