Tuesday, 19 July 2022 at 9am to 12pm/Noon MDT: Women In Power (WiP) Panel Session | Room: Windows

Theme: Energy Efficiency and Demand-Side Management: An Innovative Way to Reduce CO2 Emissions

Women in Power (WiP) Chair & Moderator: Ruomei Li

Co-Chair: Lisien Leon Quillas


Wednesday, 20 July 2022 at 9am to 12pm/Noon MDT: Women In Power (WiP) Social Session | Room: Governor’s Square 16

Theme: Explore and Encourage Women’s Unique Innovative Abilities to Achieve Diversification in Science and Technology

With a diversity of backgrounds and career paths, our speakers will share their views on the importance of uniqueness and empowering oneself and others in science and technology, bringing joined expertise in smart cities, renewable energy, and electric mobility. Coming from four continents (North America, Africa, Europe, and Asia), they have been successfully carrying out several roles in parallel, either as entrepreneurs, innovators, developers, educators, or policymakers. Their unique abilities, including technical and soft skills, as well as social responsibility aspirations, have made them who they are – powerful role models and advocates of a sustainable future in a changing world.

Women in Power (WiP) Chair & Moderator: Lisien Leon Quillas

Co-Chair: Jelena Ponocko | University of Manchester


IEEE PES Women in Power (WiP) fosters a more diverse leadership by supporting the career advancement, networking, and education of women in the energy industry. Our goal is not to simply increase the number of women in the power industry but to promote women into leadership positions as well.

IEEE PES Women in Power serves ambitious, professional women in the power and energy industry who are looking for leadership positions and career advancement. The skills, networking, and mentorship that are offered benefit women throughout the industry, whether they are engineers, attorneys, policymakers, or accountants.

But this is not just for women. Anyone could benefit from the professional development offered and everyone is welcome to join.

Join IEEE PES Women in Power to help advance your career or to provide support to this initiative here.