2023 IEEE Power & Energy Society Super Session Topics 

Transmission Advancement for Decarbonization

  • How Transmission should evolve to support decarbonization
  • Building out the transmission system to support renewable development
  • Offshore Wind/Solar
  • Energy Storage
  • Integrating inverter-based resources into the BPS
  • Responsibility for negative sequence injection (IEEE 2800)
  • Need for the advancement of transmission planning

Communications & Cyber Security

  • Communications infrastructure in support of the grid and IOT/development of the support grid
  • Cyber security (related to the above topic)
  • Challenges and opportunities for digital twin (IoT) / digitization

Novel Approaches & Emerging Technologies to Support System Operation

  • Tools for operating the new grid
  • Physics-informed machine learning for power systems
  • Move from SF6 to Vacuum tech
  • Role of AI to prevent and maintain the dynamic security of the power system

Integration of DERs, EVs, and BTM Resources

    • Infrastructure support of distributed generation
    • DER integration/EV charging/BTM impacts on system ops
    • How Distribution should evolve to support decarbonization
    • Energy storage
    • Not all generation is created equal