Important Dates

  • 4 October 2023 – Call For Papers opens
  • 1 – 8 March 2024 – The week the authors will be notified via email if papers were accepted or rejected
Papers are invited on all topics related to electric power and energy and especially for the Super Sessions topics with the following focus.  Submit here.
Planning for Uncertainty in Power Grid Operations
  • Confluence of new technologies and extreme weather events
  • Increasing man-made threats
  • Impact of supply chain disruptions
  • Tools for predicting and measuring uncertainty
Trends in Changing Power System Dynamics
  • Offshore grids and generation
  • Aggregated energy sources
  • Inverters and inverter protection
  • Non-wire and smart wire technologies
  • Grid simulation
Use of AI in the Power Grid
  • Anomaly detection
  • Forecasting and scheduling
  • System optimization
Role of the Public in Grid Planning and Operations
  • Infrastructure requirements of new technologies
  • Challenges in siting and building the grid
  • Impacts of transitioning from gas to electric
  • Environmental perspectives

2024 PES General Meeting Information for Paper Submission, Presentation & Publication

Conference Paper Submission Requirements

Papers (maximum length five (5) pages) must be prepared in accordance with the procedures outlined in the PES Authors Kit, available here. Full papers must be submitted to the on-line submission and review site (Papers identified as Part 1 and Part 2 papers will NOT be accepted). A link to the submission site will be available on the IEEE PES and IEEE PES General Meeting website home pages on 4 October 2023. All papers must be submitted by 20 November 2023. Authors will be advised via email of acceptance or rejection of the paper by 1–8 March 2024. If revisions are required, authors will be notified prior to that date. Up to approximately 800 out of the total number of conference papers submitted by the deadline will be accepted for presentation at the General Meeting.

Presentation of Conference Papers

The majority of accepted conference papers will be scheduled for presentation at the Monday evening poster session. Presentation of an accepted paper at the conference is a requirement of publication. Any paper that is not presented at the conference will not be included in IEEE Xplore.

Presentation of Select Conference Papers

The top 60 to 80 accepted conference papers will be selected to be presented in a Best Conference Paper Sessions on Monday afternoon. Author(s) will be allowed eight (8) minutes to present their paper and will be allowed to use a maximum of 6 PowerPoint slides, including the introductory slide. (Please note: No questions or discussion will immediately follow the presentations. The authors will be available for questions on their paper at the Monday evening poster session. Authors must prepare a poster for the session.) Authors will be notified if their papers are selected for this presentation. Up to 240 additional conference papers will be selected to be presented in Paper Forum Sessions on Tuesday through Thursday. Author(s) will be allowed four (4) minutes to present their paper and will be allowed to use a maximum of four (4)
PowerPoint slides, including the introductory slide. A small poster session in the same room will immediately follow the presentations where the authors will be available for discussion on their paper. Authors must prepare a poster. Authors will be notified if their papers are selected for this presentation.

Prize Conference Paper

A few of the top 60 to 80 conference papers will be chosen and recognized as General Meeting Conference Prize Papers These papers and authors will be identified at the Monday night poster session and the authors will receive a letter of recognition.

Transactions Paper Presentations

An author of an accepted PES Transactions paper who is interested in presenting it at the 2024 PES General Meeting must upload the full paper, in addition to the paper’s abstract, to the on-line submission and review site by the deadlines listed above. The appropriate Technical Committee Program Chair (TCPC) will determine if the topic of the paper is suited for presentation in one of the technical sessions. The author will be notified of the decision by e-mail. No more than 200 transactions papers will be chosen for presentation at the General Meeting. (Please note: The author must follow the steps on the review site and upload the full paper in addition to the abstract. This is for the TCPC’s use only. The full paper will not be published in the Conference Proceedings. Do not upload the full paper as its own submission. It must be uploaded along with the abstract so there will be only one conference paper number.) Accepted Transactions papers that will be presented at the 2024 PES General Meeting will have their abstracts published in the Conference Proceedings.

Conference Registration

At least one author of each accepted conference paper or Transactions paper for presentation must register for the meeting and pay the appropriate fee. Conference papers, or Transactions paper abstracts, will not be released for publication in the 2024 PES General Meeting Proceedings or scheduled for presentation unless the fee is paid. Note: Registration deadline for authors may be earlier than the general registration deadline. Additional information about the meeting will be posted as it becomes available on the conference web site at

Panel Sessions

Panel sessions are organized through the Technical committees. Panelists will not be required to write summary papers to participate in panel sessions. Only PowerPoint (PPT) presentations are required; they must be on the PES PPT template. Information on submitting PowerPoint presentations and the PES PPT Template will be provided to panelists closer to the meeting. If you want to propose a panel session to one of the technical committees, please visit the committee websites at:

Due to the ongoing challenging effects of the COVID-19 pandemic across the globe, IEEE Power & Energy Society has issued the following statement.
The Power & Energy Society values diversity across all activities.  This diversity will lead to more creative, interesting, and representative scientific and engineering information within the electric power and energy field of interest.  Authors who anticipate the inability to travel to a PES-sponsored conference because of a government-imposed travel restriction are still encouraged to submit papers. Such papers will be reviewed and accepted on their own merit for publication in Conference Proceedings, without any knowledge of the author’s travel restriction. Within one week of paper acceptance notification, travel-restricted authors must notify the Technical Program Chair of the conference with proof of their restriction. Substitute presenters may be possible or, depending on conference resources, other accommodations may be available, such as a remote presentation or pre-recorded video.
Please email Maria Proetto, Senior Manager of IEEE Power & Energy Society Publications, with any questions or inquiries.